Monday, March 9, 2015

Lost the Thought

Well...... I started a post last week.  Had all kinds of thoughts and such in it.  Had to head out to the off farm job so I hit the save button, thinking it was all good and I'd just come back to it.  Yah right.  Gone.  Poof.  Nothing.  That figures "sigh", it's always how it goes.  So, now what?  All those thought are gone, that's why I write them down!

Eh, oh well, start over with new thoughts I guess.

So, we had the big snowpocalypse episode.  Yup, it was pretty interesting.  Started out with 12 hours of rain, then, in the middle of morning chores, it turned into tiny little ice balls and by the time I had to head out for the off farm job, it was big, fat snow flakes.  It snowed all darn day while I was at work and quit about an hour before closing time.  A cute 8" of snow.  Yep, had to drive the 2WD, bald tires 5 speed home in snow covered roads.  Other than me having to go 25mph to keep from slipping and having to make 2 runs at the train bridge to get over it, all was good and I made it home.

The critters didn't much like it.  Everybody lived thru it tho, mad or not.  I sold 2 of the cows to pay some of the larger overdue bills around here.  The one remaining cow has filled a bag and a new calf should be gracing the farm within a month.  One goat is still making me wait for a new kid and the 2 sets of twins are bouncing around like they're on springs. 

2 more blankets have been added to the farm store.

40x60s, the top one is called "blacklight" and the bottom is "Monet".

I'll be seed starting this weekend.  It's long past overdue but it being so cold in here, there was no sense in wasting seed that will mold instead of germinate.  The 10 day forecast looks promising so as I have time, seed will get started.

So, until the next thought comes along........

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